Benjamin Leiding

Researcher – Entrepreneur

About me

I am a computer scientist, researcher and entrepreneur based in Braunschweig, Germany. My research focuses on the Machine-to-Everything (M2X) Economy, the Circular Economy, blockchain technology, decentralised identity solutions and novel academic publication processes.

I am part of the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering at the TU Clausthal (Germany) and collaborate closely with the research groups of Clemens Cap at the University of Rostock (Germany) and Alex Norta at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).

Most recently, I was awarded the Klartext Preis 2020 for an article that I wrote on the topic of my Ph.D. thesis (The M2X Economy – Concepts for Business Interactions, Transactions and Collaborations AmongAutonomous Smart Devices). You can find the video (Link) and the text (Link) online


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TU Clausthal
DIGIT – Center for Digital Technologies
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